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Sweet Emotion

Find my Heart a Home

Quiet night at home watching Superman Returns.  Some serious delicious Mexican food for FirstLunch, but reminded while eating out in public that I really do not find human children adorable.  And I especially am turned off by the idea of being married in the conventional fashion.  I suppose the purpose of being largely unaffected by certain hormones is so I cannot be easily influenced by the bodies of humans.  And there is a specific detail how expensive it is to have children.  When one suffers from sleep deprivation because of being awakened early in the morning by a screaming baby, tell me again how it will be different when it is your own........  Think that with reincarnation, not exactly a matter of being able to choose what sort of life you will be reborn into.  I believe it is mainly for the purpose of further personal growth.  To challenge ones spirit.  You cannot decide a specific incarnation will be as ideal as before.  But knowledge is still power, to use an expression.  The key to having the advantage in life is to purge Testosterone from the body.  It seems to be tied in with physical attractiveness.  Less is more when it comes to getting rid of the T in life.  It seems to also enhance ones physical appearance.  Even as a male impersonator.  Also came to me there really is not a convincing explanation of why men are obligated to propose to women in life.  There does not seem to be much addressing of this aspect of inequality by feminism.  But what of if one was to explore a different approach to equality between the sexes.  The physical desirability of women in contrast to men also allows for not necessarily needing a partner in life.  Even if about $20, 000 for below the waist surgery is unfeasible.  Women will always be normally appealing unlike men.  The keyword is normally.