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Side Glance

A Refusal to be Assimilated

Unproductive time again on the weekend off from work.  And especially irritated by a new automated phone system with the other job that informs you about upcoming shifts.  Multiple times called!  Except if work schedules conflict, they are somehow not going to change with the 2nd to 6th calls for the same shift...........  Or you just want to enjoy a really good FirstLunch at a reasonably decent Mexican restaurant.  Seem to be a walking paradox, but then again I definitely am not a Muggle as it were.  I am not especially fond of being around people, human children included especially in public, but I am also not much for always staying at home.  How you not inwardly cringe and/or want to flee the building when faced with a screaming child in life?  There is the problematic detail how women are physically desirable in contrast to men, but you cannot just not simply date.  Unless one can overcome the influence of Testosterone.  As a male impersonator, you really do not have to worry much about unwanted amorous advances by PUA Omega males & creepers.  Strictly speaking, your happiness in life should Not depend upon the body of another person other than yourself.  Perhaps, I simply yearn for a much more appealing society than what is here.  I think it is much like being assimilation by the Borg.  A loss of individuality & free thought.  A person is more than just biological functions.  You really are not obligated to become miserable in life by reproducing & having to endure needlessly being around human children.  Though from an example from shopping at another place, perhaps well-behaved children do not bother me.  Screaming and/or misbehaving is not going to ellicit sympathy from me, but it will make me want to flee the area ASAP.  It is simply not adorable or Wonderful.