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Remain strong

Hard Work Pays Off

Slightly longer day of work today.  And presently unsure if an extra location is going to be on a regular basis every Thursday.  Seems that someone is definitely unqualifed to do cleaning work in life........  That was so not a first time at a brand new account.  I did not think a place could be so filthy!  Still even if things progress slowly for me, I see the unfolding of what could be.  There is a performer by the name of Conchita Wurst.  Basically Kim K with a very noticeable beard.  True, I prefer not having any facial hair in life, but the same general direction is taken.  To not have to worry much about the amorous advances of men, but still have a certain slight degree of allure.  I originally was inspired by a local individual who mentioned in regards to her own physical rebirth, she would continue to only date women.  Matter of aesthetic subjectivity, but as a rule, men are basically gruesome & unappealing.  There are rare exceptions of course, but I cannot realistically see a beautiful enough heterosexual male courting me.  I so want to get in on the diamond jewelry relationship scam in life!  Probably not likely to happen.  Still even with much financial struggling, I do like not really needing someone else sexually. About $85 for AAA Plus is far more of a necessity than $20, 000 for below the waist surgery.  The basic premise is women are physically desirable, but men not really.