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Jan. 28th, 2015


Remaining Pure & Uncorrupted

Off to work soon today.  And another of the more unpleasant dreams of a theme.  I believe they are symbolic of the Corruption that life here in this place brings about.  Things like christianity and regular weddings and being normal are represented by parasitic worms.  That need to be infrequently excised from the body so that the infection does not progress & spread.  A certain measure of isolation from society is for health benefits.


Jan. 27th, 2015



Decent day of work today.  Made better by briefly seeing my First between shifts and her helping me a bit with the job situation.  Probably do not have that good of karma to actually have 4 different jobs.  Instead of merely two part-time jobs.  I seem to have attained my ideal life.  Even able to be incidentally involved with someone and not be diminished.  There is a specific danger in having a partner when it comes to losing ones Otherness.  Becoming ordinary & unmagical in the process. Kind of like one scene in the second X-Men movie.  Have you tried not being a mutant?  A singular blessing in being Kin. You do not for example decide to get married in the conventional fashion, embrace christianity again, and become a parent.  No, you remain extraordinary!  Not mundane & unremarkable.  Or in the 3rd X-Men movie, you so do not take the cure.

Is It OK For the Girl to Propose? No Way, Study Suggests

An ideal example why I prefer having a partner-free marriage that exists between my two aspects.  Completely defeats the purpose of a relationship if I have to propose to a woman!


Despite loosening of gender roles at work and in society as a whole, men and women are remarkably traditional when it comes to marriage, new research finds.

In fact, the study of college students at a liberal-leaning university found that not a single man or woman wanted a proposal in which the woman asked the man to marry her. And while 60 percent of women said they were "very willing" or "somewhat willing" to change their surname to their husband's upon marriage, 64 percent of men said they were "very unwilling" or "somewhat unwilling" to do the same for their wives.

Sweet Emotion


Off to work soon.  And further insight into myself during Reverie.  I suppose balance in life here is the key to thriving.  May be turned off by things like marriage or recreational dating, but ironic how I feel comfortable with a mundane job.  Could be because of not being materialistic.  Forward thinking is naturally the answer.  To get even more progressive than standard feminism.  When you are not receiving marriage proposals from women.......  Partner-free marriage!  Like to think that feminism & promoting equality between the sexes is Not about maintaining the Status Quo.  It is like being satisfied with the innovation of jet airplanes when warp drive space ships have yet to be created & built.  Who cares about male "privilege" when the inescapable truth exists that women are physically desirable in contrast to men.  No amount of money made in life can match merely having the advantage in life because of your own body...........  Knowledge is power, to use an expression.

Jan. 26th, 2015



Discovered a station for Lame Immortelle on Pandora Radio.  That reminded me of another insight.  There is a certain unappealing ordinariness to marriage.  The unmagical nature of being involved with a human being.  It becomes something to shun in life.  A marriage proposal is effectively a form of debasing myself.  A creature of magic & mysterium is the one who is the one proposed to, not the other way around!  Mainly with work, but I have been away from the dancefloor of life for a bit too long.  Maybe this Wednesday night.

Remaining Other 2

Done working for the day.  And attaining balance between my two aspects seems to be the key to enjoying life here in this place.  I think it is because I am not especially people oriented, that I prefer not to become married in the conventional fashion.  That one-sided dependence upon a woman normally.  But since the endeavor of my physical rebirth is slowly progressing.......  The detail of women being physically desirable in contrast to men.  Does seem to be a necessity with me making the effort to Woman Up and assume control in life.  External approval for claiming the status of marriage is Not required.

Jan. 25th, 2015


Putting in the hard work

One shift at the other job done and another tonight.  If the same length of time, that should be another five hours.  So in just one day, I would have made at least 80 dollars.  More than enough for a new phonecard next month.  I suppose hard work and personal drive is innate in life with being a Liberal.  Not especially dependent upon big government conservatism or the Jesus.  Give me any number of more attractive Gods any day instead!  And it might help later on that I did not seemingly leave early like a few other people did.  Not sure if it was an unexpected job departure, but being more reliable can only add to the future good karma.  Still waiting to hear back from job #3 of course.  One regular job at the moment in any case.

With three jobs if the new one does not lead to another regular schedule, it should still provide plenty of extra hours when the other one is not.  Taking a specific different direction with my own physical rebirth.  As a rule, women are physically desirable in contrast to men.  But on the other hand, you really do not want unwanted amorous advances from PUA Omegas in life. The role of a male impersonator not only ensures being safe from the lecherous eyes of horny weirdos, but maintain having stable income. In radically better circumstances, my rebirth would be even more noticeable, but then you have to worry about stability in life.  The thinking is along the lines of how being a non-conformist & having too many tattoos or body piercings can adversely affect ones job search.  Better to pretend to conform a little as it were............

Jan. 24th, 2015


One Small Step for Drae-kind.......

A bit of sinus pressure is back, but it could mean the first of 2 shifts at my other job is shoveling snow in the morning.  So if each shift is at least three hours........  That means about fifty extra dollars next month to compensate for the $85 for a full yearly AAA membership.  Which may prove useful say if my First wanted to take a road trip to Chicago!  Not in the winter of course.  Bit of texting earlier.  Worth the extra expense with numerous other benefits that may be more likely to be useful now that I am finally involved with someone.  Post-full Awakening.  Normally, I am turned off by marriage or being dependent upon sexually & emotionally.  But since she is at least somewhat non-ordinary........  Being able to work even rarely at the other job should maintain benefits.  Another important consideration when it comes to income.  Taking the endeavor of my physical rebirth a specific different direction.  Naturally I do not want to receive unwanted amorous advances from PUA Omega males, but always ideal to not be jobless or homeless in life either.  Matter of balance as well.  I much more prefer being involved with a human woman than a man.

Forward Thinking

Another entry while watching the second Hobbit movie.  The intellectual approach seems to accomplish much in dismantling conservative practices at least on a personal level in ones life.  And I deeply miss being that graceful & elegant of movement.........  There seems to be a present limit to regular feminism in getting women to propose to men on a larger social scale.  Even if women were to make equal pay as that of men, are men going to in turn become far more physically attractive?  In a spontaneous fashion.  Biology is the key to how men are chosen by women.  Knowledge is power as the expression goes.

But how to attain a physical "transformation" of sorts........  Quite certain I specifically will not receive a marriage proposal from a woman.  But it defeats the purpose of having a partner in life if you are also reduced to being just another part of the Status Quo.  Another key detail is how women are physically desirable in contrast to men.  No amount of male privilege can do away with real life reality.  Even attaining a semblance of that allure diminishes the need for a partner in life.  It is also important to thwart undesirable trends like divorce or having babies.
Sweet Emotion

Chapter 19: Is Anarchism Violence?

Like remaining informed about practically everything.  The non-violent approach is the most effective way to undermine mainstream society.  Especially when it comes to further progressing feminism despite certain present limits.

http://libcom. org/library/ what-is-anarchism-alexander-berkman-19

No. my friend, it is capitalism and government which stand for disorder and violence. Anarchism is the very reverse of it; it means order without government and peace without violence.

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