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New Job

Finally did it!  Only about two more weeks, but soon I am actually starting a single full-time job.  Not multiple jobs just for hours.  Only one.  Years of struggling and/or focusing on the endeavor of my physical rebirth to work around the detail how women are physically desirable in contrast to men has produced results.  Probably a given I do not want to date men, but perceived another solution with a partner-free marriage.  With soon realizing I was never going to receive a marriage proposal from a woman.  So how to put a stop at least on a personal level, the undesirability of conservatism & christianity......  To abolish gender essentialism and so on in my own life.  Just something psychologically intoxicating feeling powerful even without the usage of makeup.  Do sympathize with this specific drawback of maleness, but a woman does not need a partner to the extent that men do.  Plus, there is the turnoff of too many women wanting to have children in life. Although men already have the right to obtain a vasectomy before fathering children.........