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Beyond Marriage

Just something via Google.  Social progress does not just happen in a snap.  Maybe it is a matter of accepting reality that conventional marriage is an outdated practice much like conservatism that is obsolete in the 21st century.  Or horse drawn carriages!  The keyword is 21st century........  I like the liberation brought about feminism and not being supposedly obligated to propose to a woman.  Outdated gender roles, be gone!


Quote:  Conservatives, however, have never explained how to restore marriage. Everything they have tried — from marriage-education programs to changes in the way marriage is treated in tax and benefit programs — has had little or no effect.

Quote:  MARRIAGE is disappearing. More than 40 percent of new mothers are unmarried. Many young adults drift into parenthood unintentionally. They may be cohabiting at the time of their child’s birth, but about half of these couples will have split up by the time their child is 5 years old. College-educated young adults are still marrying before having children and planning their families more intentionally. The rest of America, about two-thirds of the population, is not.