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May. 26th, 2017



Finally back here.... Does get very emotionally draining just wanting to stay with the exact same woman for several decades. My solution to that problem is going adequately. Love is uncomplicated and unmagical.......

Jan. 27th, 2017

Side Glance

Blah Time

Not much to update with except I Really hate things like weddings and dating and fitting in & being normal.

Aug. 5th, 2016

Side Glance


Several more sexual partners in life later. And even more convinced that I do not care for things like weddings or spouses or unnecessary socializing. Hair is getting long again finally! Goes without saying, women are more physically appealing than men. But far too many women are also into dudes...... What can you do?

Apr. 10th, 2015


New Job

Finally did it!  Only about two more weeks, but soon I am actually starting a single full-time job.  Not multiple jobs just for hours.  Only one.  Years of struggling and/or focusing on the endeavor of my physical rebirth to work around the detail how women are physically desirable in contrast to men has produced results.  Probably a given I do not want to date men, but perceived another solution with a partner-free marriage.  With soon realizing I was never going to receive a marriage proposal from a woman.  So how to put a stop at least on a personal level, the undesirability of conservatism & christianity......  To abolish gender essentialism and so on in my own life.  Just something psychologically intoxicating feeling powerful even without the usage of makeup.  Do sympathize with this specific drawback of maleness, but a woman does not need a partner to the extent that men do.  Plus, there is the turnoff of too many women wanting to have children in life. Although men already have the right to obtain a vasectomy before fathering children.........

Feb. 1st, 2015


Beyond Marriage

Just something via Google.  Social progress does not just happen in a snap.  Maybe it is a matter of accepting reality that conventional marriage is an outdated practice much like conservatism that is obsolete in the 21st century.  Or horse drawn carriages!  The keyword is 21st century........  I like the liberation brought about feminism and not being supposedly obligated to propose to a woman.  Outdated gender roles, be gone!


Quote:  Conservatives, however, have never explained how to restore marriage. Everything they have tried — from marriage-education programs to changes in the way marriage is treated in tax and benefit programs — has had little or no effect.

Quote:  MARRIAGE is disappearing. More than 40 percent of new mothers are unmarried. Many young adults drift into parenthood unintentionally. They may be cohabiting at the time of their child’s birth, but about half of these couples will have split up by the time their child is 5 years old. College-educated young adults are still marrying before having children and planning their families more intentionally. The rest of America, about two-thirds of the population, is not.

Jan. 31st, 2015

Sweet Emotion

Find my Heart a Home

Quiet night at home watching Superman Returns.  Some serious delicious Mexican food for FirstLunch, but reminded while eating out in public that I really do not find human children adorable.  And I especially am turned off by the idea of being married in the conventional fashion.  I suppose the purpose of being largely unaffected by certain hormones is so I cannot be easily influenced by the bodies of humans.  And there is a specific detail how expensive it is to have children.  When one suffers from sleep deprivation because of being awakened early in the morning by a screaming baby, tell me again how it will be different when it is your own........  Think that with reincarnation, not exactly a matter of being able to choose what sort of life you will be reborn into.  I believe it is mainly for the purpose of further personal growth.  To challenge ones spirit.  You cannot decide a specific incarnation will be as ideal as before.  But knowledge is still power, to use an expression.  The key to having the advantage in life is to purge Testosterone from the body.  It seems to be tied in with physical attractiveness.  Less is more when it comes to getting rid of the T in life.  It seems to also enhance ones physical appearance.  Even as a male impersonator.  Also came to me there really is not a convincing explanation of why men are obligated to propose to women in life.  There does not seem to be much addressing of this aspect of inequality by feminism.  But what of if one was to explore a different approach to equality between the sexes.  The physical desirability of women in contrast to men also allows for not necessarily needing a partner in life.  Even if about $20, 000 for below the waist surgery is unfeasible.  Women will always be normally appealing unlike men.  The keyword is normally.
Side Glance

A Refusal to be Assimilated

Unproductive time again on the weekend off from work.  And especially irritated by a new automated phone system with the other job that informs you about upcoming shifts.  Multiple times called!  Except if work schedules conflict, they are somehow not going to change with the 2nd to 6th calls for the same shift...........  Or you just want to enjoy a really good FirstLunch at a reasonably decent Mexican restaurant.  Seem to be a walking paradox, but then again I definitely am not a Muggle as it were.  I am not especially fond of being around people, human children included especially in public, but I am also not much for always staying at home.  How you not inwardly cringe and/or want to flee the building when faced with a screaming child in life?  There is the problematic detail how women are physically desirable in contrast to men, but you cannot just not simply date.  Unless one can overcome the influence of Testosterone.  As a male impersonator, you really do not have to worry much about unwanted amorous advances by PUA Omega males & creepers.  Strictly speaking, your happiness in life should Not depend upon the body of another person other than yourself.  Perhaps, I simply yearn for a much more appealing society than what is here.  I think it is much like being assimilation by the Borg.  A loss of individuality & free thought.  A person is more than just biological functions.  You really are not obligated to become miserable in life by reproducing & having to endure needlessly being around human children.  Though from an example from shopping at another place, perhaps well-behaved children do not bother me.  Screaming and/or misbehaving is not going to ellicit sympathy from me, but it will make me want to flee the area ASAP.  It is simply not adorable or Wonderful.

In Praise of Eilistraee

Probably understandable why numerous body parts are in moderate discomfort right now.  After a very enjoyable time out on the dancefloor of life.  I was sort of kind of underground.........It is amazing after years of antics, I have not gone & killed this physical vessel.  Liver demise.  Shattered knees.  Did forget where I parked the car once, but that forgetfulness was probably a good thing at the time.  There was very much drinking............


Jan. 30th, 2015


Set Apart

Break time now during the long work day.  Slowly making progress in tackling the bills first and then spending a little extra for another Daz 3D purchase.  To properly focus on the important things in life like artistic expression or music.  Not having children or getting married in the conventional fashion.  I suppose it is because of how much marriage is an expression of social conformity, I will definitely pass on it.  Same thing with dating.  A bit of counter-culture that came to me earlier while mopping the floors is in regards to reincarnation.  Not especially unusual that a queen or a priestess is reborn as a mere servant.  You just have to adjust to the change in status, but also not be into victimhood.  Make the most out of such a different way of life.  It may be because I am largely unaffected by certain hormones, but human children tend to essentially creep me out.  Do have a protective side, but regardless not especially fond of children.  Unless they are cats.  Catbabies are always Wonderful in contrast.  You would not ask a genius or prodigy to dumb herself down in life just to fit in and be ordinary, yes?

Jan. 29th, 2015

Remain strong

Hard Work Pays Off

Slightly longer day of work today.  And presently unsure if an extra location is going to be on a regular basis every Thursday.  Seems that someone is definitely unqualifed to do cleaning work in life........  That was so not a first time at a brand new account.  I did not think a place could be so filthy!  Still even if things progress slowly for me, I see the unfolding of what could be.  There is a performer by the name of Conchita Wurst.  Basically Kim K with a very noticeable beard.  True, I prefer not having any facial hair in life, but the same general direction is taken.  To not have to worry much about the amorous advances of men, but still have a certain slight degree of allure.  I originally was inspired by a local individual who mentioned in regards to her own physical rebirth, she would continue to only date women.  Matter of aesthetic subjectivity, but as a rule, men are basically gruesome & unappealing.  There are rare exceptions of course, but I cannot realistically see a beautiful enough heterosexual male courting me.  I so want to get in on the diamond jewelry relationship scam in life!  Probably not likely to happen.  Still even with much financial struggling, I do like not really needing someone else sexually. About $85 for AAA Plus is far more of a necessity than $20, 000 for below the waist surgery.  The basic premise is women are physically desirable, but men not really.

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